Community Payback

Community Payback (formerly known as Community Service) is one of 12 possible requirements of a Community Order that can be sentenced to an offender by the court.  It can range from 40 to 300 hours depending on the offence committed and usually has to be completed within 12 months.  

Community Payback allows offenders to give something back to the community. 

The type of work that they can be participating in includes:

  • graffiti removal
  • environmental projects
  • renovating communal areas
  • cleaning up children’s playgrounds
  • renovating buildings such as church halls and community centres.

Each year over eight million hours of Community Payback work are carried out nationally. With current minimum wage levels, this is the equivalent of over £45 million paid back into the community.

We have provided unpaid labour to local authorities, community safety partnerships, charities, schools and colleges, community groups, churches and government organisations. Members of the public and organisations can nominate projects they would like undertaken by contacting us.

By completing Community Payback work, offenders are able to learn new skills, gain experience working as part of a team and put something back into the community. They also have the opportunity to gain qualifications that can help towards future employment opportunities. 

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