Restorative Justice

We’ve been providing structured support to people affected by crime for more than 25 years. As part of this service, we work in partnership with other agencies to provide a Restorative Justice programme which involves bringing together all parties affected by crime.

Meetings are held where victims are given the opportunity to explain to an offender how the crime has affected their lives. They can ask the questions that perhaps didn’t get asked or answered in court, with the hope that – for some offenders at least – understanding the impact of their actions might stop them re-offending.

Working in partnership with Lancashire Police, HM Prison Service and Victim Support, we have developed a training programme for 30 staff to deliver Restorative Justice conferences in prison and in the community.

A recent study by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) linked the conferencing process with a 14% cut in re-offending, while 85% of victims who took part said they were satisfied with the experience

Ultimately, Restorative Justice gives victims a voice in the criminal justice system and an opportunity to ask questions and receive an explanation. For the offender, it gives them an opportunity to empathise with their victim, show remorse and take responsibility for the harm they have caused.
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