We deliver a range of nationally accredited and intensive group work programmes to help rehabilitate offenders by introducing new skills to reduce the risk of reoffending. Our programmes have a strong focus on developing positive thinking skills so that offenders feel empowered to set themselves goals, integrate better into the community and improve their lives. In any one year, around 400 offenders complete an accredited programme in Cumbria and Lancashire.

Key programmes we deliver:

Thinking Skills Programme – a  19-session group work programme designed to stop offending by learning new skills aimed at changing thoughts, attitudes and values that lead to criminal behaviour.

Drink Impaired Driving – a 14-session group work programme aimed at reducing the risk of further offending in people who have committed drink driving offences.

Resolve – a 27-session group work programme aimed at helping male adult offenders convicted of violent offences reduce their risk of further violent behaviour through group and individual sessions.

Building Better Relationships – a 30-session group work programme to help male offenders understand the attitudes and beliefs that underpin their abusive behaviour and to stop any further abuse and/or violence within their relationships.

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