New Probation Chief for Cumbria and Lancashire

02 Mar 2015

New Probation Chief for Cumbria and Lancashire

PENNY Barker, the former head of operations at Cumbria and Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), has been named as its new chief executive.

The CRC, which is the result of a merger in 2014 between Cumbria Probation Trust and Lancashire Probation Trust, manages low and medium risk offenders who are serving community sentences or who have been released from prison.

Penny began her career in the probation service in 1981 as a volunteer in County Durham. After qualifying and gaining experience in a number of settings including: prisons, family court welfare and specialist teams within probation, she became a senior probation officer in 1992.

In 2002 she moved to Manchester and took up the role of assistant chief officer and in 2011 she joined Lancashire Probation Trust on promotion to head of operations.

Commenting on her new role and how probation makes a difference to communities, Penny says: �It�s a real privilege to lead an organisation that provides an important public service to communities across Cumbria and Lancashire. We have a team of highly skilled probation workers who joined the service because they want to make a difference to people�s lives.

�Whilst we focus on making sure those serving a community sentence such as unpaid work carry out the requirements of their sentence, we also give them structured support to stop them re-offending in the future. And we assist people being released from prison by helping them to integrate back into the community and re-build their lives.�

Penny takes over from Kevin Robinson who retired as Chief Executive after 28 years with the probation service.

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