�Saving a life�, one award amongst many a staff celebration event.

30 May 2014

An annual staff awards celebration was hosted in Lancashire on Friday 9 May. The event celebrated the Employee of the Year for saving a life, Team of the Year for improving our communities and it demonstrated over 100 years of the probation history in its �Legacy Exhibition�.

Amongst the attendees of employees in Lancashire and colleagues from the criminal justice system was Jeremy Lambert, this year�s winner of the top individual award, Employee of the Year for Changing Lives. This probation officer was awarded for his dedication to this category and went above and beyond when he prevented an ex-offender from taking his own life at an emotional time. It was the strong instincts, foresight and quick decision making that lead Jeremy to follow the ex-offender, where he then shoulder charged a bathroom stall door to find the individual trying to hang himself. Jeremy supported his body weight until more help could arrive, ultimately saving this mans life.

Jeremy Lambert, Probation Officer said:

�I was flattered to be nominated and to receive the Employee of The Year award as it was both humbling and pleasing. However, there is another side to the award, and my thoughts inevitably return to the young man who tried to take his own life. People that we work with face tough situations and their capacity to handle those decisions varies. This particular man, like so many we work with, had previously experienced significant personal tragedy.

Whilst it is a personal honour for me that I have received the award, I am part of an organisation where colleagues regularly face challenging situations and perform to consistently high standards.�

Team of the Year, another prestigious award, was celebrated at this final ceremony and was awarded to a team from Preston Probation Office, who developed a range of initiatives to assist in the rehabilitation of those individuals subject to supervision. The team was instrumental in developing the Cubizm project in partnership with the Museum of Lancashire. Eight offenders engaged with a renowned graffiti artist to produce a visually stunning and highly prominent cube that is part of a long-standing Law and Order Exhibition at the museum. The cubes are now on display outside the Museum of Lancashire until 14 August.

Phil O�Donnell, Assistant Chief Executive said:

�This team have developed a number of innovative ways of providing positive social reintegration opportunities in the community for individuals under their supervision. By doing so, they have created an ethos and culture that can both change the lives of those involved and improve the communities in which they live. They are an outstanding team who are highly skilled and dedicated and the award is well deserved�

The historical Salmesbury Hall was the backdrop for the award winners, employees and partners to celebrate each others achievements, work experiences and commemorate the service�s legacy. With years of history throughout the corridors of this Hall, the theme celebrating over 100 years of probation history in it�s �Legacy Exhibition� seemed a fitting venue and was enjoyed by all the guests.

Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive Officer said:
�I am proud and honoured to have presented all these awards in such a memorable, historical setting. It seems well suited for a probation service that has a long history of its own.�

This event allowed staff, a few with over 35 years of service, to come together to acknowledge the hard work that has been done over the years, the dedication to those they supervise and their passion for managing risk, changing lives and improving communities.

�This ceremony was about celebrating our success, talents, the hard work and dedication probation staff demonstrate on a regular basis. Going forward probation will remain at the heart of what we do. Our work makes a difference, and it was evident from the awards that were handed out today.�

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