Art inspires offenders to think outside of the box

21 Apr 2014

Art inspires offenders to think outside of the box

Cubizm � Made in Preston
Inspired by the Law and Order exhibition at the Museum of Lancashire, offenders from Lancashire helped design and produce the centrepiece of the project; a large cube created by world-renowned graffiti and mural artist, Mohammed Ali.

During the project the participants were able to reflect on positive learning from their experiences in prison � memories of time endured in their cells and the beauty of landscapes outside - a clear reminder to offenders of the life they have chosen to leave behind. These experiences are reflected in smaller cubes created by the participants.

This impressive cube is now on display outside the Museum of Lancashire (formerly a court building) until 14 August. The smaller cubes will tour to venues around Lancashire.

Phil O�Donnell, Assistant Chief Executive of Cumbria and Lancashire CRC commented:

'Cumbria and Lancashire CRC works alongside a range of partners to provide opportunities for individuals who have offended to establish positive and meaningful links in the community.

The partnership between the CLCRC and the Museum of Lancashire on the CUBIZM project is an outstanding example of this. The individuals on this project not only created an eye-catching piece of art but have felt the benefit of working to enhance their community rather than feeling alienated from it.'

Mohammed Ali describes his experience in this project:
'I have witnessed how art has been a source of channelling the positive energy that exists within these ex-offenders. They have spent many years behind bars and it�s been a powerful experience for me to work with them and see a positive effect and transformation take place over just three days. I honestly believe art has the power to transform society for the better and we must look to alternative ways to dealing with society�s problems.'

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